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This is the English version of the blog about All what is new or changed on that site is briefly announced here, with a few smaller images as an example. The links bring you directly to the right place on the site. (Wens je dit in het Nederlands?)

Changes in Home & VM

Restoration Posted on 12 Aug, 2013 10:40

Homepage: The art of Johan Framhout, in the 3th and 4th column, are no longer called 2D and 3D, but figurative and abstract art, in a short overview. From there a button brings you to the much larger pages.

In Virtual Museum a lot has been moved because all the works are now arranged in themes. For instance three pages are now dedicated to the woman as a theme: p 13, p 24 an p 30. Only two works have been removed, but a lot are changed in place. Page 18 is dedicatied to the different visions on realism. Page 31 with the theme “Steampunk” was filled up quickly and got two extensions in other themes: “Compositions with technological elements” on p 25 and “Strange Vehicles” on p 25. And so on…

Barcelona p14

Restoration Posted on 29 Apr, 2013 17:17

We did forget our visit to Montserrat, so we did add a new page: page 14 to our best photos of Barcelona.

VM page 17

Restoration Posted on 23 Mar, 2013 20:53

A new chapter has been added to the page 17 of Virtual Museum: Visions, with 22 works by contemporary artists.


Restoration Posted on 14 Mar, 2013 13:43

On page 1 of Virtual Museum some works were added to the chapter “Online art Journal”. “Great Russian artists” has been moved to page 4. On page 24 four works were added.

VM pages 8 & 11

Restoration Posted on 08 Mar, 2013 16:03

On p 8 of Virtual Museum works by Uchio Ucchiey have been added, and on p 11 some sculptures.

VM p.12 restored

Restoration Posted on 05 Mar, 2013 10:57

… and some works added as well, made by Incendia, some of them are moving gif’s (They cannot be shown here, so go to Virtual Museum page 12).

Virtumus p 6 – 9

Restoration Posted on 07 Feb, 2013 20:31

The pages 7 to 9 are not changed that thouroughly. A few works were added: a film “A place to remember” on p 8, Rob Gonsalves and painted African houses on p 9. Page 6 however has several new photos of sea animals.

Virtumus 1 & 5

Restoration Posted on 06 Feb, 2013 16:13

Because the “Passion por el arte” was not available anymore we had to change p 5 thouroughly. This chapter was replaced by “It’s a water world”, with a collection of exquisite water colours. The chapter of 3D women was extended with a few works, and some of the art works from Deviantart or Renderosity where moved to p1 to the chapter that already existed. Also on p1, the first chapter has been replaced by a short representation of differend kinds of visual art, which seems more suitable to us for a start on Virtual Museum.

Page 3 & 4 from VM

Restoration Posted on 30 Jan, 2013 12:34

Some links on p 3 and 4 didn’t work anymore. They are changed, a few works were removed, some added of moved. On some of them you now can click to watch a larger version. What’s new on p 3: the tropical gardens of Singapore.

Page 3 of Virtual M. repaired

Restoration Posted on 10 Jan, 2013 11:01

The links on “Wondrous places to visit” on page 3 were gone. Some of them we could find back, others seamed to be disappeared. That ‘s why the Vietnam tree house and the Sarasota street festival are removed. We have added others, such as Amarican nature beauty and Moskow metro stations.