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This is the English version of the blog about All what is new or changed on that site is briefly announced here, with a few smaller images as an example. The links bring you directly to the right place on the site. (Wens je dit in het Nederlands?)

Continuation of this blog

Information about Posted on 05 Jan, 2014 20:49

The following messages are the elder ones, it stops at the 23th of December 2013. From 2014 on, this blog goes on on the site itself, on the page “blog“.


Information about Posted on 01 Aug, 2013 20:59

In the second half of 2012 the number of
visitors from has continued to rise. From June 2013 there was a slight
descend, as a result of the fact that “Gugel” has banished our site for a great
part, in the usual search as well as in the image search. Contrary the number
of visitors which fill in “”
directly, has largely increased, what has compensated the loss for a large part,
until now.

De VS is ahead of the visitors (from January 2013 until July: 20190 visitors). China as a country is taking the second place, about
half of the number of the US
(10156 visitors). The number of visitors from Belgium
(homeland of the webmaster) is about one fifth of that of the US (4040
visitors), The Netherlands a bit less. Next
are Germany, Canada, Russia
and France, about half of
the number of Belgium.

You can help to survive this website, on the first place by making a link to
the site from your own site or blog. Also links to this site from “Feeysboock”,
Pinterest, stumbleupon and other mass media sites, are important. You can for
example show a work you love to your friends and add the URL address. (Sorry for changing names, it is to prevent


Information about Posted on 16 Jan, 2013 10:43

We want to thank the 71 187 different visitors who visited more then 170 000 pages of in 2012. This site goes on growing, so put this blog with your favourite sites to stay informed. Much pleasure in looking and reading for 2013!

Our Success

Information about Posted on 30 Nov, 2012 18:30

Our statistics prove the great success of our “History of modern Painting”, for the English as well for the Dutch
pages. This is surely not only by means of “Google image”, in search of a certain
painting or painter. A lot of visitors also use the main Google to fill in the
name of a painter or “painters from (…)
to (…)”.
This is probably the reason for success: there is little
competition. Even books on art never handle painters in decades as we do.

We also learned Google is very nationalistic. If a Belgian fills in on
Google: “painters form (…) to (…)”, a page of stands on the first or
second place. If a Dutchman does the same, that page comes on the 10th
place or further, although there are no sites from the Netherlands
having the same concept. In that way Belgians are two times aggrieved: because Belgium
is a small country and because it doesn’t have its own language, we speak the
languages of the three neighbours.

Also the psychological site “Mirroring” has a relative success,
although to Google it doesn’t belong on a site of art. The visitors arrive on
it by means of search words such as unique,
roles, putting into perspective, conscience, confidence…
And this probably
happens more then we expected!

About the Visitors of

Information about Posted on 19 Oct, 2012 20:31 started in 2009. From the stistics of the provider we know we had more then 2 000 000 visitors, half of it in 2012, although the year is not yet finished! To those visitors belong all who responded on text or images presented by the search robots. The number of different visitors, according to the provider statistics, is over the 100 000.

To get an idea which parts of the site are most visited, we installed StatCounter. Because our site has many pages and we do not earn any money with it, we only get the statistics for the last two or three days. That’s why we now keep statistics of the statistics. So we can learn interesting things.

60 % of the visits go to the “History of Modern Painting“. One fourth of the visits go to photography, of which the largest part is interested in the photo’s of “Art in Belgium”. Virtual Museum gets around 10 % of the visits and my own art work around 3 %.

Most of the visitors come to our site by means of Google Image, which is logical as this is an art site. About half of the visits take less then 5 seconds. If we take 30 seconds as the minimum for serious visits, we get a quarter of the total visits (which still means over the 500 000 visits). 3 % stays at the site from 5 minutes up to several hours!

Most of the visitors come from Belgium and the Netherlands, as one can see in the following two tabels (in Dutch I’m afraid). The third land is the US!